Leading IT Solutions for Dorset Businesses:

Fast, Reliable, Secure.

Comprehensive IT Support Across Dorset and the UK

Carefully Managed IT

A range of flexible and applauded IT managed services for businesses. From IT Support and day to day management to monitoring and system design.

Remidial and Ad Hoc Projects

best practice security and workflow. Engage us to take away all your IT pain and enable solutions to make sure you’re never in tech difficulty again.


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Your Dedicated, Local IT Department

Ambient Networks are an excellent provider of IT support services for organisations and businesses in the UK.
All of our technicians are fully skilled and available to deal with whatever issues may arise.
Every staff member is based in Dorset or Devon which means that if your issue require’s a site visit we can typically respond within a few minutes. We don’t deal with problems – we solve them AND fix the root cause.



Applauded IT Support You Can Turn To

Here are some of the ways we can support your IT needs

Comprehensive IT Support

Ensure your end-to-end IT needs are met, including a dedicated IT support engineer that is only a phone call away, an account manager, 15-minute response times and unlimited remote IT support services.

Infrastructure Development

Our broad range of network expertise provides Dorset businesses with routers and switching, servers and storage devices, cabling connectivity and internet, wireless network setup and deployment or any other IT infrastructure development needs.

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IT Consultancy

We can manage your IT projects from conception to deployment, including: full IT installations, phone system and VOIP setup, security and remote access as well as office moves and setup.

Cloud Computing

From planning, migration and deployment, our experienced in-house team can deploy cloud solutions such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure and AWS. We can also deliver ongoing training and support for your staff as part of a tailored package…


We recognise the unique nature of each business, hence our commitment to offering tailor-made security plans for businesses of all types. Contact us to discuss our range of services and solutions.

Disaster Prevention and Recovery

We will help create you create a detailed plan for Disaster Recovery so that any action of intervention in case of emergency will be planned previously allowing for very short restoration, controlled in all its stages.

Our mission is to provide more accessible higher education

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Divi’s Mission

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Our Academic Vision

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Join 1000s of students learning at Divi University. Early enrollment starts soon!

Divi University

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