Supporting, Guiding and Protecting our Clients
Since 2003


We believe a secure,  healthy, functional IT system is the backbone of a growing company and we work very hard for your recommendation.

Our Remedial and Projects team delivers timely solutions, from troubleshooting to full-scale implementations.

Fully Managed IT

Experience peace of mind with our Fully Managed IT services, offering end-to-end solutions from network management to software updates, all tailored to your business need.

Pragmatic Consultancy

Benefit from our proven, pragmatic consultancy and fully managed IT services, tailored to solve problems and optimise your business operations.

Your Dedicated Local IT Department

Ambient Networks are a premier provider of IT support services for organisations in Dorset.

All of our technicians are fully qualified and available to deal with whatever issues may arise.

Every on-site staff member is based in Dorset, which means that if your issues require a visit, we can typically respond within a few minutes. We don’t deal with problems – We solve them and fix the root cause.

Avert crises with our Disaster Prevention solutions, designed for robust data backup and very quick recovery.

Fully Managed Security

Our Fully Managed Security services offer 24/7 monitoring and threat mitigation, safeguarding your business assets

Working From Home

Elevate your ‘Work from Home’ experience with seamless connectivity and robust security, ensuring productivity from anywhere.

Looking for Expert, Local IT Support?

Are you searching for IT Support in the Dorset area? Ambient are a reliable, experienced IT support company to deal with all of your issues regardless of where they occur. 

Are you fed up relying on other companies who charge an hourly rate but take forever to show up and even longer to resolve your problems? Ambient support and management work is on a fixed, fair, monthly fee.

The perfect scenario would be to have your own IT department, but that is not an option for most small to medium-sized businesses – or is it?